Berlin Wall/ East Side Gallery – Berlin

The Berlin east side gallery is the long mural that is located in the main city. It is not a proper gallery but is considered as the biggest collection of the world’s well known artists. The Berlin Wall facts provide innovative information in the shape of the paintings. Germany has a sheer history to share with this wall in the means of cold war tensions running during the 1961 to 1989 that also be seen on it. They celebrated the Berlin wall memorial by adorning the path with 8000 white balloons on more than nine miles. It was celebrated by international German community and was recorded by the German Embassy in London. The wall was physically constructed as the barrier in the old times that later changed into the master piece of creativity. If you are the real graffiti lover, you can get wonderful experience here because this is not like the usual graffiti. This wall has the work of professional artists who were the real experts of their work. They done the things so perfectly and you can find some flash backs of the history as well. Several times the government tried to destroy this wall due to that some of its part is lost but the complete demolition of the wall never happened. The piece of Berlin wall is visited by many tourists from all over the world and sometime they take a piece of the wall with them. However it is also kept by the art lovers around the world to keep a memorial of the wall. On the Berlin wall anniversary thousands of Germans and other people around the world gather at the wall and make a celebration.

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