Poniente Beach – Benidorm


Poniente beach Benidorm is among the most famous beaches of the destination. It is the example of perfect comfort and tenderness like the other beaches of the place however it is mostly preferred by the people who know about it because it is less crowded. Benidorm Poniente beach has the clear beautiful water with the fine grains of white sand to increase the beauty of the landscape. There are many facilities and activities offered at the beach like lying on the sun beds, swimming and water sports.

The places attract its visitors and they never want to go back without watching the sunrises and sunsets of the crystal clear water. Hence there are plenty of accommodation options available at the beach. Many hotels and resorts are there to provide the luxury stay with night parties and foods. There are many shopping places also located at the beach so anyone can get the necessary items on the spot if anything is required. The hotels and restaurants of Bendorm Poniente beach coastline make the view very beautiful when they get illuminated in the night.

This wonderful attraction of the city can be easily accessed by the public transport. It is easily accessible on bus and taxi. There are many apartments also available to make the stay totally near the beach to view the beautiful sea all the time. The old town near the beach is also spectacular place to be visited. It has many old building and reflects the old culture of Benidorm with the glance of modernism. However to some extent its oldness still exists that makes it more eye catching.

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