Casco Antiguo – Benidorm

Casco Antiguo Benidorm has the immense fragrance of the typical Spanish culture, the jumbled up streets, churches, old buildings and places inviting to eat and drink. It is the old city in Benidorm. It contains many monuments where the trip can be enjoyed fully. In the town centre the accommodation is easily available and even the very comfortable places can be acquired for very reasonable prices like the three star or four star hotels. If you are having long term stay in this area then apartments and studios are also available. This is the place filled with pleasure and serenity. Beaches, landscapes and accommodation, all have no match. The beaches are very clean and the sand has no grain of filthy material. Beaches have no bars but they have several food places and surfing boats hiring place. Various other water activities also available and the life guards stay available there. Old town has the old buildings which are mostly white and gives the perfect appearance especially for the photographers and sightseeing lovers. There are many amusement places like the aquarium that contains extensive aquatic life, markets, shops and hotels. The markets have something for everyone especially when it comes to the leather goods because they are the most available goods of this place. For the late night party and fun a bar is also there. The drinking and dancing can be enjoyed until very late at night. This also charges a less price. Being on the trip, Benidorm is not a very expensive place where as very exclusive accommodation, nice fun and entertainment can be gathered in an affordable amount. Most of the time newlywed couples visit here for their wedding photo shoots. Casco Antiguo can be reached by local bus, private car or taxi. The public transportation is available until midnight.

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