Aqualandia Water Park – Benidorm

To get the thrill and adventure with the splash and almost 20 rides in the city Aqualandia Water park Benidorm is the wonderful option. This is the wonderful water park located in Benidorm having many amusing things. The specialties of this park are

  • Black hole is the tunnel slide that is the best option for the adventure lovers. The speed and thrill cannot be denied that is why the slide allows only two people at a time.
  • Vertigo is the best option to get the complete view of Benidorm during slipping into the water. It is about 22 meters long
  • Splash provides the complete chance to the whole family to enjoy the ride

Park is the combination of fun, foods, enjoyment and shopping because there are many shopping areas also located in the huge water park. Aqualandia water park tickets are available at the entrance or online and they are valid for one week for any single day. Aqualandia water park prices are lesser for children. Adults ticket is around 29 euro and children is 23 Euro where as several times packages are offered that makes the cost less for the reservation. Aqulalandia Water park opening hours are from 10 am to 7pm and it is highly recommended to come to park early to enjoy more because there are a lot of things to do here. Public transport reaches here and makes it easily accessible. Whereas there are huge lanes on ride and entrance so if the park is reached earlier the more it can be enjoyed due to less crowd.

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