Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam

Grand hotel Amrath Amsterdam

Grand hotel Amrath Amsterdam provides the amazing water view with the wonderful comfort level and facilities. Although the building is not very breathtaking from outside where as the interior is perfect to attract the visitors. That does not means the building is poor. It is very beautiful having many specialties among which the most outstanding one is that, it is owned by a Dutch company. The fantastical five start hotel has won many prizes and stands among the best hospitality embellishment with creativity, art and comfort.

The hotel is designed in the appearance of the Amsterdam Art School containing dazzling art Nouveau images on ceilings and walls. Suites and rooms are huge, airy and spacious. Whole interior is the collaboration of modernism and classical creativity. The rooms contain mini bar, espresso machine, tea maker, luxurious bathrooms, internal heating and air conditioning systems, wireless internet, and are sound proof for more comfort and ease.

Safety is assured for every room so the guests can keep their valuables in the room. There is a wide variety of options while reserving the rooms like some room have twin beds means they contains two single beds with two mattress and two duvets where as the double bed has one large sized mattress and one large duvet. You can ask about the options while reservation. The honeymoon suites are contemporary designed containing many interesting options for the guests to have a memorable honeymoon visit to Amsterdam.

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