Golden Tulip Amsterdam West

Golden Tulip Amsterdam West

Golden tulip Amsterdam stands among the top most specialties of the destination. There is extensive range of services this hotel offers. Modern interior and comfort always stay ready to welcome the visitors. Rooms are spacious and equipped with every kind of facility. Hotel offers parking garage where as for the corporate customers separate parking is also provided. All the tasks can be done in the hotel. It provides amazing experience to the guests. Wireless internet is available in the entire hotel and can be availed on the laptop, tablet or any other device.

The business lounge is equipped with all the latest options. Four computers and a printer are provided for free to utilize during meetings and work. Printer is provided so the visitors can easily print the important documents and boarding pass for their next flight. Televisions are available in all the rooms where more than 100 channels are available in many languages. Rooms have the internal heating and air conditioning system installed. The doors are sound proof so no issues occur while having the comfort and relaxation in the room.

Luxurious bedrooms have various facilities including a separate coffee machine in every room so the guests can have coffee anytime they want while working. The rooms are spacious and safe to leave the things behind. Bathrooms are luxurious with rain shower, floor heating, hair dryer, hand shower, good supplies and beautiful bathroom equipments. Spending time at this beautiful and comfort hotel makes the trip more fun and wonderful. Every client is promised for the best comfort level.

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